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3 Stylish Men on Their After-Work-Before-Bed Wardrobes January 20 2015

Sleepy Jones Designer Andy Spade

The Philosophy: "It's all about utility and quality. I go to the Bowery Hotel near my office, and people are doing work in the lobby in their pajamas and robes. It makes sense, and it looks good. My dad used to tie up his robe at breakfast so it looked almost like a scalloped blazer. I try to get at that in a nontraditional way."

Off-Duty Uniform: "Sleepy Jones pajama pants or boxer shorts and a button-down pajama top that's cut like a dress shirt. I mix and match patterns and solids with contrasting piping—a look inspired by artists like David Hockney. The pants have pockets, so they're actually quite functional. I finish with Alden loafers."

Preferred Sleepwear: "My motto is to change as little as possible. I can wear a tie with the pajama shirt, take it off, and just go to bed. When people come by, I put on a cotton navy robe with pin dots from Paul Stuart that I've had for 12 years."

The Missing Piece: "A sleep mask."


Designer Robert Geller

The Philosophy: "It's all about comfort and coziness, and the main goal is not to put too much effort into it. But I don't want to look sloppy in front of my wife. She still needs to like me."

Off-Duty Uniform: "Sweatpants, often in gray melange, which is my favorite color, and a white Fruit of the Loom tank top as a base layer. If it's cold, I'll put a hooded sweatshirt over it. If I'm wearing gray pants, though, I won't wear a matching top—it may look cool, but it's a little too Rocky."

Preferred Sleepwear: "I sleep in my underwear after I take off my clothes—white or gray boxer briefs from Uniqlo. I go to Japan four times a year to do production for my brand, and I buy them at the airport on the way back. They're quite a deal—five pairs for about $10."

Socks for Lounging: "I don't wear shoes at home, just chunky knit Wigwam socks in white, black, or gray. The elastic isn't so tight, so I pull them over the bottom of my pants."


Officine Generale designer Pierre Mahéo

The Philosophy: "I'm not a guy who wears pajamas or color. Everything is white, gray, or navy. I have a pretty active life—wake up, walk the dog, make breakfast with my kids. I'm not going to do all that in a robe."

Off-Duty Uniform: "At work, I'll wear a cashmere sweater and chinos in stone or khaki from my brand. When I get home, I'll keep the pants on and swap the sweater for an 80-gram jersey T-shirt. At home, I'm always barefoot. At a ski resort, it's fleece pants, No. 7 high merino-wool socks from Falke, and a cashmere turtleneck."

Preferred Sleepwear: "Seamless white boxers from Barneys' private label and a white or gray T-shirt. I don't like button closures or polyester—just pure cotton."

After-Hours Essential: "Old, holey gray and white Hanes crewneck T-shirts. I wouldn't wear them in the normal day, because I have to try things on in front of my staff, but I do at my country house. I love the destroyed rib collars."

-From Details Mag.