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The Avallone Guide to Men's Leather Belts June 25 2015

There are many different men's leather belts in the market place today. In order to give you an easier time shopping for a quality leather belt, we put together this quick guide to buying & wearing mens leather belts. 

Correctly Wearing & Matching Your Leather Belt

Correctly wearing a leather belt shows a sense of sophistication and great style. Incorrectly wearing a leather belt will give off the impression of bad style and disorganization. As a good rule of thumb, always match leather when dressing up. In other words, if you are wearing shiny black leather shoes you need a shiny black leather belt to go along with them. When dressing up, this goes for all colors and materials, ie; brown suede belt with brown suede shoes, croc leather belt with croc shoes, etc. Always matching the color and material will go a long way in showing great personal style.

Your exception to this rule is when dressing in a very casual situation. In a case where you are wearing non-leather casual shoes, you can get away with mixing and matching your belts. However, we strongly suggest sticking with canvas or cloth belts in that scenario. When wearing casual leather shoes such as boat shoes, or something similar to them, you can alternate between a suede belt or a leather belt as long as the color of the belt matches the color of the shoes. For example, we have a D-Ring Tan Suede Belt in our mens leather belts section on our website. This belt matches perfectly with a pair of tan leather boat shoes from Sperry Top Sider. 








Belt Length 

When shopping for a leather belt, you also need to consider the belt length. Dress leather belts should have a little extra leather to reach through the first belt loop once the belt is fully fastened. Always try to stay on the shorter side when deciding. When wearing a leather belt that is casual, you have more leniency with a longer tail. Just don't go over board and buy one where the tail wraps halfway around your waist, or hangs down to your knee. 

Most imporatantly, when determining your size, pick a belt that is labeled as 2-3 inches larger than your waist size. 

Belt Buckle

Many men's leather belts come with buckles that are usually different shades of gold or silver. There difference's between casual belt buckles and dress belt buckles. The casual belt buckles on men's leather belts are typically larger, and come in many shapes and styles. The dress belt buckles on men's leather belts are smaller in width and have smaller buckles in mostly rectangular shapes. 

When wearing a leather belt for dress, you should match all of your jewelry (cufflinks, watch, etc) to the color of your belt buckle. The only exception to this rule is your wedding ring, which does not have to match. Otherwise many men would be stuck wearing every piece of metal in gold for the rest of their life. 

Notice the sleeker, rectangular shape of the buckle on our Reversible Dress Belt above.


Now What?

Now that you know everything about matching, sizing, and how to wear a leather belt, start shopping around to find the best one! A good place to start looking is right here on Avallone Luxury! We have a small curated selection of mens leather belts that include casual d-ring belts and more dressy reversible leather belts

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