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Should You Wear a Backpack to Work? September 17 2015

The short answer is yes; as long as it’s not your old college backpack, or something that looks like it should be taken on a camping trip.


I don't think these are the looks you're going for.

When I worked on Wall Street, I would take the path train from Jersey City into NYC every day. Along the way I would look at the different types of bags men carried to and from work. This was actually where I first started getting inspired to create a men’s leather goods collection. As I observed the daily bags men carried, I noticed a few things. First, many of the bags men used were over-done with too many pockets and straps that just didn’t look right unless you were going camping. Second, many of the men going to work were still using what looked like their old college backpack similar to Jansport or Eastpack bags. A lot of the men who used these backpacks actually wore them with a professional business suit. Third, the people who put in some extra effort and carried a quality leather bag, looked a lot more professional and well-put together. Someone you might think worked in upper-management, if not due for a promotion anytime soon.


That's a bit more like it!

This brings me back to my original point. Please do carry a backpack or leather shoulder bag of your choice to work, but make sure you invest in a quality, professional leather bag. When wearing a professional business suit, the worst thing you can do is pair that with something that makes you look like a student. I know many of you may not wear a suit to work every day, but that is no excuse to continue using what appears to be a student backpack for a professional job in the city. A professional leather backpack or leather bag will not only help to improve your appearance, but it will show your superiors and co-workers that you take work seriously. Just think, have you ever seen the CEO roll into work with a Jansport on their back?

As I stated before, many of my daily train observances helped me create styles that keep the working professional looking professional, as well as stylish. So, Avallone’s solution to the college backpack conundrum is our Antique Leather Backpack. It’s handmade with 9 stitches per inch, features a unique combination of leather and suede, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  It’s something even the CEO would wear.  Check it out below, or click here to view it on our website!

If you’re not looking for a backpack but still need a professional leather bag, check out our full selection of men’s handmade leather bags here.

-By Christopher J. Avallon, Founder & CEO of Avallone

Designing the Executive Leather Map Bag March 24 2015

When you think of a men’s leather bag, one classic bag always comes to mind; the leather messenger bag. The men’s messenger bag has been around for decades, and is a symbol of timeless style on all who wear one.  Just check out 3 Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford. This movie was filmed over 40 years ago in 1975, and in the opening scene you can see the men’s messenger bag in use.  Not only does this movie show a classic messenger bag in use, but Robert Redford puts forth an excellent example of great over-all style.


Now that we’re in the year 2015, many of our bulky notebooks and large binders have been replaced by iPads, smartphones, and small laptops. Despite these changes in technology, the men’s leather messenger bag still remains. One problem I noticed before designing the Executive Leather Map Bag, is that many of today’s messenger bags are still very bulky despite all of our advances in technology.  I also noticed how every bag seemed to have too many pockets, buckles, and other items hanging off of them that just didn’t look right, unless you were going camping.                                                            

          -Not the look I was going for.

I designed our men’s leather messenger bag with simplicity, and timeless style in mind, along with great function in today’s technology driven world. I named it the “Map Bag” because part of my inspiration for its design came from the original map bags soldiers used to carry their maps in during World War II. Similar to those bags, but for professionals, the Avallone Executive Leather Map Bag features a smaller over-all size (L 13.5 in. x H 10 in. x W 3.5 in.)  that still has plenty of room for all of your daily essentials. When testing the bag, I was able to fit my iPad, a “Marketing for Dummies” book, 3 manila file folders, my iPhone, miniature umbrella, digital camera, extra pens, keys, spare change (in the interior zipper pocket), and a small notebook with a little room to spare. I don’t own a MacBook Air, but that would easily fit in place of any of those larger items like the book or notebook.


Having previously worked on Wall St., not only did I want something functional, but also something stylish that could be paired with a suit or business casual clothing; nowadays that includes jeans. To keep the look versatile, I did not add any exterior pockets, used a tuck lock for closure, and chose Italian Napa Leather and Lamb Suede as the material. The contrast of the suede and leather gives the leather bag a balanced and refined look. Additionally, the Italian Napa leather is chrome tanned, which is the best option when you need a soft and supple feel. To add to the durability of the bag, we used 9 stitches per inch, a thick cotton lining, and increased the thickness of the leather in the strap by doubling it up.


Now that you know the history and design inspiration of our Executive Leather Map Bag, don’t hesitate to order one if you find your current bag just isn’t cutting it. Whether you want a better look, a more compact leather bag, or just a replacement, we offer free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

The bag comes in either brown or black. Click here to view more photos or purchase today!

 Written by:

Christopher Avallon, Avallone Founder & Ceo