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5 Great Hairstyles for Men March 19 2015

So how do men get the very best hairstyle? First, it’s important to be true to oneself; choose a hairstyle that suits your style, shape of your face and personality as well. Most hairstyles only look good on a specific face shape, for instance someone with a rounder face shape might want more volume in their hair, or, someone with larger ears may want to keep their sides longer.

Today hairstyles for men are becoming more elaborate than they have been during at any other time during the last 20 years. If you want to go short or have a messy hair look or if you prefer to go longer there are many different ways to make a statement with your hair. If you go for short hairstyle, then you have to ensure it goes with your face shape and this style is pretty simple to maintain.

For longer hairstyles, you can go to a salon and pay some extra money for a high quality haircut. After getting the right kind of hairstyle you want to ensure that you use high quality hair styling products. There are lots of cheap hair styling products that may cost a lot less, but probably do nothing for your hair.

Checkout the top 5 trends in men’s hairstyles:

1. The Classic Look

It is stylish and can be worn on any given occasion. The hair has to be long length or medium in length and the style is well achieved by putting certain hair products for example gel or pomade to create wet look. The sides are neatly swept to the back as well and the long hair to the front. Using a fine tooth comb will allow for the sleekest and classiest styles.

Here is a video demonstrating how to style a classic side part:

2. Messy Spikes

Spiked hair is less “in” at the moment, but it may be making a comeback soon. One can achieve this look when the hair is at short to medium length. One has to use hair products such as gel and wax to have the spiky look. There are various types of spiky look and all styles cater to both non-formal and formal occasions. The undercut is currently seeing it’s final days of prevalence, and a few different styles are vying for what will be “the next big thing” in 2015. Likely the trend will be longer sides, although some people are trying to set trends with messy, volumized spikes.


3. The Pompadour

The pompadour is a personal favourite of mine. This is a great style because it really allows you to go all out and really show what you can do with your hair. To pull off a pompadour, one will need either a wax or pomade. Using wax’s in combination with a blow dryer are my personal favourite to create a volumized, yet messy style. If your hair has issues holding it’s volume, using a mousse prior to blow drying paired with a hairspray after styling will help keep your hair in place.

Here is a tutorial on how to style a messy pompadour:

4. The Shaved Head

If you are experiencing hair loss, the buzz cut is the best way to go. It is at times called the crew cut and it’s achieved by tapering the front side, backside and the sides of the head to come up with a clean look. It gives one’s face a rounder look and so the cut is not ideal for the face shapes that are too round, however when balding this is still the best option.


5. Messy Hair

The messy hair is not out of the list. Due to the increasing number and quality of men’s hair products, the messy hairstyle is pretty simple to achieve. Wax can be used to create messy hairstyles which can be worn both in non-formal and formal events. There are various ways to style messy hair depending on the face shape and the type of occasion it’s worn.

This video shows three different styles, one of which is a quick messy hairstyle:

Hairstyles are one of the quickest and easiest ways to improve your look. The hairstyle you choose can greatly affect your overall appearance and can make or break the way you look for the day. If you are passionate about the way that you express yourself through style, try to find out the type of hairstyle that best suits you through personal experimentation. One can read as many handbooks or articles as they please, but nothing beats putting some wax in your hands and getting to work.

-Written by Joseph Andrews of