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How to Boost Your Next Gym Workout February 21 2017

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If you have been in the bodybuilding space for just a short period of time, chances are, you have stumbled upon the word Nitric Oxide (NO). Its loved by bodybuilders and for a good reason. Its probably best know for it’s ability to give the user a feeling known as “the pump” - the street name for hyperemia which is an increase of blood flow to different tissues in the body. 

In addition to this, increased NO levels can improve the effectiveness of your workouts. NO will dilute your veins, and because of this, allows your muscles to receive more oxygen and nutrients. So you get the Pump, better workout sessions, but there is also proof that it speeds up recovery, has cognitive improving features, the ability to up your sex drive, and more.

As you can tell, there is enough stuff here, to write about Nitric Oxide for days, but in today’s post, this isn't the focus. The focus is on how you can boost your NO levels, in a safe and natural manner.

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