Bay Rum – Not Just an Aftershave December 02 2015

Before Bay Rum after shave was around, sailors passing through the West Indies in the 16th century would use bay leaves as a natural deodorant, and also as a relief for sunburn. They would simply rub the dry leaves on their body. The practice started to catch on, and this became the go-to solution for deodorant and skin relief.

Bay Leaves used for Bay Rum AfterhshaveBay Leaves used for Bay Rum Aftershave

It was then later discovered that seeping the bay leaves in the sailors favorite drink, Rum, could extract the oils much more efficiently than just rubbing the dry leaves on their skin. The rum also added a new component to the smell, and sailors then began using the liquid as their cologne too.

At present day, alcohol is still used to extract the bay leaf oil, but is then distilled down to an essential oil. The Bay Rum you see in stores today is a combination of Bay leaf oil, alcohol, rum, and other ingredients that can vary depending on the manufacturer or brand.

Early Bay Rum Distillation
Early Bay Leaf Distillation

We are now aware of many more benefits besides relief from sunburn and smelling great, which comes from Bay Rum.

Thicker Hair

Bay Rum has been used throughout the years to aid in hair growth. The ingredients found in bay rum stimulates the skin and scalp, producing more hair, resulting in a thicker beard, or a thicker head of hair if you use it as a head wash. Bay Rum is also helpful in hydrating and soothing your skin, especially after a shave.

More Vibrant Skin

Bay Rum is frequently used as an after-shave because the bay leaves help to de-stress your skin, thus preventing the occurrence of wrinkles and skin outbreaks. The oil of bay leaf also has pretty amazing healing powers, which is another reason it’s perfect for your skin in the winter months. In the past, it was used to relieve cuts and bruises. Bay leaf oil also has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties which can cure skin infections.

Mood Uplifter

Bay Rum can also be an effective anti-depressant. The scent is so pleasant, even a small amount has been found to initially uplift the sense of well-being and can increase confidence levels. Sounds like a great scent for a new job or first date!

 Now that you know the history of Bay Rum, you might want to try some out for yourself! At Avallone, we make a fantastic bay rum aftershave right here in Jersey City, NJ. The Bay Rum Aftershave contains a proprietary mixture that includes Bay Leaf Oil, All Spice Oil, Glycerin, Jamaican Rum, and Menthol. It’s perfect as an aftershave, cologne, or a tingling head wash. Our exclusive formula is also aged for 2 months after being bottled to give you a scent that’s subtle, yet strong enough to last the entire day.