Retired Wall St. Exec. Buys Avallone Wallet for Bruce Jenner Before Learning He is Now a Woman! June 03 2015

Earlier this week the Avallone Luxury website received an order from a retired Wall Street executive (who is allowing us to publish this on the condition we withhold his name) requesting that we send our men’s Executive Leather Bi-Fold wallet to his old friend Bruce Jenner. His request included a note saying “Bruce, I can’t believe how long it’s been since we last spoke. Hope all is well, will try to get in touch when I get back to the USA”.  

When we first received the order, we didn’t really think about it. We started processing it for shipping when we received a call from the client (the retired Wall St. executive). He was calling to verify that we received his note for Bruce to be included in his order. The Avallone employee handling the call verified we did, than asked if it was for Bruce Jenner the actual celebrity and Olympic champion.  Our client said yes it was. Our employee then mentioned how much Bruce Jenner has been in the news lately with everything going on. That’s when our client seemed a bit surprised. He asked “What do you mean?” Our employee proceeded to tip toe around the issue before realizing our client had no idea what was going on with Bruce Jenner. It seemed he was completely out of the loop, as he had been out of the country for so long.


Once our client learned the full story about Bruce’s transformation, he seemed baffled and surprised. He then asked that we immediately cancel the order and refund his money. We agreed, and he hung up the phone.  That was probably the most bizarre sales call we have received to date.

We started joking about publishing this story. Then we decided to seriously consider it. We contacted our previous customer again to gain his permission. We learned he met Bruce through a firm he previously worked for on Wall St., and he agreed to let us publish this as long as he remained anonymous.