Style Maintenance – The True Classics January 23 2015

All of the retro-inspired elixirs look good in cabinets, but we admire those that have been getting it right for decades.

  • Aftershave – Most old spice offerings don’t have much in common with the company’s original products from the 1930’s. However,Old Spice Classic afterhshave ($9) is almost exactly the same formula. It feels good, prevents irritation, and makes you smell like your grandfather. Although some women may not think that’s a good thing. 

  • Hair – If you want the iron-clad comb-over look, or if you want to keep your hairstyle through a tornado, Murray’s Superior hair dressing ($3) is your best and most economical choice. One canister of the 89-year-old pomade can last until the next time shiny hair is in style again.

    • ShaveProraso shave cream ($10) has been made in the same Italian factory with the same ingredients since the 1940’s. The menthol and eucalyptus oils tighten pores and provide an invigorating start to your morning routine.


      • Powder Gold Bond Medicated body powder ($5.30 for 4 oz.) deodorizes, soothes rashes, and stimulates (when used in certain spots – whew!). The menthol powder has been saving us from swamp crotch for just over a century. God bless it.

      • Facial Hair – You might think mustache wax is pretentious. You might be right. But wax also gives your hair a healthier appearance and keeps food out of your whiskers. Whereas most new waxes require more kneading, Clubman mustache wax ($5) is creamy and easy to use.

      • Mouthwash – C.O. Bigelow pharmacy recently revived some of its original formulas with one of the best being Keightley’s mouthwash ($22.50). The modern version is painfully powerful, and with a cinnamon-minty mixture it’s also more refreshing then generic mouthwash.

      • Soap Hunter’s castile soap by Caswell-Massey ($10) hasn’t changed much since 1861. Castile soap is finally being embraced outside the granola community as more people realize that the olive-oil-based cleanser is easier on skin than most major soap brands.