A Minimalist Wardrobe: The only Five Neckties you need August 22 2014

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The Five Styles of Ties Every Guy (even a minimalist) Needs

By: Chris B. 

About the author: Chris (aka Bruschetta) is an America-born university researcher and teacher based in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as a moderator dappered.com. His sense of style is inspired by a childhood dressed in Ivy league trad, and the fact that he is enormously well bred.

The concept is simple: pick one tie out of each of the following categories and you’ll be set to tackle every tie-mandatory situation that life may throw at you. These are the essential five ties that’ll cover everything from weddings to interviews, office life, travel, and even leisure (if you’re the type to wear a tie while dressed down). Every tie on this list meets the following criteria:

  1. Pairs well with white and blue shirts.
  2. Pairs well with navy and charcoal jackets.
  3. Appropriate in a wide variety of situations.


#1. The Mandatory Solid Black Textured Tie

The Only 5 Neck Ties You Need - Dappered.com

The Why: A black textured tie is the perfect choice for more formal events. It’s most often found at funerals, memorials, or other events where style takes a back seat to respect. So while you might not use it as often, a black tie is something you’ll need to have in your arsenal. Solid black ties are also a stylish option when attending concerts, private art galleries, and other fine arts events. Ian Flemming often had James Bond wearing a black knit tie in his books. Even with a navy suit. Yes, really.


#2. The Essential Navy or Deep Blue Tie

The Only 5 Neck Ties You Need - Dappered.com

The Why: Navy ties are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. In fact, most men could probably get by with a closet filled only with navy ties. Solid navy ties are one of the most traditional choices for interviews. Pindot navy ties are equally beautiful (if less conservative), and offer a bit more flair.


#3. The Indispensable Burgundy Tie

The Only 5 Neck Ties You Need - Dappered.com

The Why: Burgundy is the second most versatile tie color after navy. A burgundy tie can come across as confident and assertive, and it makes an excellent choice for an interview. Solid burgundy ties are less aggressive than their brighter red cousins. Pindot burgundy ties are a timeless and classic style.


#4. The Paramount Striped Tie

The Only 5 Neck Ties You Need - Dappered.com

The Why: It’s easy to go off the deep end when it comes to patterned ties, but a classic diagonally-striped tie will never go out of style. Striped ties are more visually complex than a solid or pindot die. They offer a chance to display some individualism. That being said, great reward comes with greater risk: striped ties can quickly veer into undesirable territory. Stick with something classic and timeless unless you’ve got a real strong personal sense of style.


#5. The Obligatory Glen Plaid Tie

The Only 5 Neck Ties You Need - Dappered.com

The Why: Glen plaid is one of the most versatile, more intricate patterns that a man can have in his tie drawer. A grey glen plaid pattern compliments most if not all of the common shirt and jacket colors and textures. The style is equally at home in casual and formal settings. It is office appropriate under a suit, and looks great on the weekend when paired with a white OCBD with the sleeves rolled up. Glen plaid ties have gained a reputation as wedding ties in the men’s style community, and they’re frequently worn at weddings by both guests and grooms.