Sweat Less While Staying in Style - 10 Ways! July 08 2014

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It can be really hard to dress well when the mercury rises to mercury-like levels. BUT… it can be done. Now, eyes off the thermometer. 


#1. Pick the right fabrics.

Natural Fibers - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

Seersucker. Lightweight cottons like madras. Linen. Tropical wool. All are designed (by humans, or nature) to breathe and keep you cool. The pucker of seersucker creates air channels. Cotton can hold onto moisture, but if it’s lightweight, lifts easily off the skin with a breeze. Linen is as breezy as it gets, and tropical wool (lighter & thinner than standard wool suiting fabrics) breathes and wicks. Avoid the heavy & stiff stuff (even if it is cotton) and embrace the wrinkles of the lighter, natural stuff.


#2. Embrace the usage of polos under your blazers.

Polos under Blazers - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

The short-sleeve dress shirt is usually avoided by all but Homer Simpson and doorbell-ringing religious representatives, but a non-logo’d polo in a trim cut shouldn’t be considered as the same. Pick one that’s solid in color, has a deeper placket if possible (those lines elongates the torso), and one with a collar that won’t get unruly against the lapels. It should look great with the blazer on, and if you’ve got to take off the jacket, it looks more natural in hot weather than a long sleeve shirt.


#3. Lose the all-cotton undershirt.

Wicking undershirts - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

First, sweat doesn’t cause those yellow stains. It’s aluminum based anti-antiperspirant. And second, the hard truth is that an all-cotton undershirt just doesn’t provide any real benefits to most. All it does is suck up and hold the moisture in your pits… reminding you, all day, that you’ve got wet pits. Which for some of us, that simple idea makes us sweat even more. It’s a never ending cycle of madness. Even when your body cools down? The cotton is still damp. Because it’s cotton. WET PITS. It’s a tough thing to bail on (it’s a habit many of us developed as kids), but try, just try, skipping the undershirt for a day. Or, go with a wicking & fast drying synthetic undershirt.


#4. Cool off… in the shower.

Cool Shower - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

No hot showers this time of year. It just seems to raise your core temp, and as soon as you get out of the shower you start to sweat. Start off warm (not hot) and slowly turn the water down as you acclimate. Finish off with a burst of water cold enough to deflate your lungs (and send other pieces/parts scurrying for cover).


#5 Favor jackets with less lining

Blazers with less lining - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

A blazer’s shell can be made of something ultra-breathable like linen, but if the interior is fully lined in a crappy, plastic-bag like polyester, you’re gonna feel like you’re wearing… wait for it… a plastic bag. An unlined wool blazer will be cooler than a linen or cotton blazer that's fully lined in polyester. Look for jackets that are unlined or partially lined. If it is lined, make sure it’s in something that at least breathes a little bit, like Bemberg Rayon or Acetate.


#6 Avoid non-iron / wrinkle-free shirts

Avoid Wrinkle Free - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

Ever wonder why higher end shirt-makers (think ratio/clothing, ledbury, etc…) don’t usually, if ever, make non-iron shirts? It might have something to do with not wanting to dip all that effort into a vat of who knows what. Yes, some wrinkle-free / easy care shirts are light, flexible, and cool. But others have been treated to death, and now feel more like a crappy, scratchy, stuffy synthetic hybrid fabric. Save the non-irons for the seasons that don’t end in “ummer”.


#7 Unbutton your shirt cuffs.

Unbutton Your Cuffs - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

It’s a little thing, but it seems to help in a pinch. The theory behind some putting cologne/perfume on their wrists, is that the blood flow in that area produces heat, and thus releases the scent slowly over time. Is that B.S.? Maybe. But unbuttoning your shirt sleeves (even if they’re under a blazer) tends to increase airflow up your arms.


#8 Go easy on the Coffee

Cut some coffee - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

If you’re downing an entire hot pot of coffee in the morning (or, rolling through one throughout the day) consider cutting back, switching to iced… and supplementing with decaf. Caffeine is a stimulant which can fire your nervous system up and thus force your body to cool down through sweat. Add that on top of the fact that, y’know, it’s hot, and you’re going to be due for an extra swipe of deodorant before ever leaving the house.


#9  A little less hair. Everywhere.

Trim all hair - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

Even down… well… Yes, this makes a difference. Obviously, don’t go to extremes. No need to slash and burn (and then itch and scratch). Just clear the brush that might have gone unattended in the spring. Even Mr. Snuffleupagus appreciates his summer time hairdo.


#10 Swap out your insoles

Washable Insoles - 10 Ways to Sweat Less on Dappered.com

Even the most breathable shoes can cause swamp foot after a while. The cause is usually the deteriorating state of the insole, after years of barefoot wear. Even if your insoles are in good shape, consider being proactive, and pick up a pair of washable cotton terry insoles from the German maker Pedag. Eight bucks, and they’re one of the Amazon Prime “add on” items.