Avallone Luxury Leather Goods

Avallone specializes in mens handmade leather goods with a history of artisanship originating in the Campania region of Italy. Our handmade leather goods feature a unique combination of luxury leather and suede for style and originality, suitable for any working professional or world traveler. We carry a focused selection of luxury leather goods for men that include handmade leather wallets, handmade leather bags, and mens leather belts.

All of our handmade leather goods feature 9 stitches per inch for superior quality, a Lifetime Warranty to back up our quality, and Free Shipping for USA residents. The mens handmade leather bags can be used by any working professional or world traveler, along with our handmade leather wallets. You can also find a unique variety of mens leather belts that focus on d-ring and reversible styles.

View our leather products and collections now to see all of our handmade leather goods such as our new mens leather bags, mens leather wallets, and our mens leather belts!